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Jasper now has a new home page, thanks to the folks at Lovely.

Japser - ZX Spectrum Emulator

Please try out JASPER , the ZX Spectrum Emulator in a web page.

The (Virtual) No. 17 Beer Festival

A couple of years ago, I used to have a couple of friends who lived in Calcot, Reading. This is the opposite end of Reading to where I live, but there is a single bus route that goes from close to where I live to close to Calcot. After using this bus on several occasions, I noticed that there seemed to be a rather large number of Pubs on the route....

Hence, the "No.17 Beer Festival" was created. Well, it seemed like a good excuse for a pub crawl!

Gordon's night of shame

Gordon is an intriguing fellow. This the tale of his descent into insensibility.


Supply a good caption, and I win bugger all.

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